Allergy Guide

Allergy Information:

Some of our dishes may contain allergens. Below is a list of those dishes or ingredients, together with the allergens

present in them. If you have any doubts or queries, please ask a member of staff

G - Gluten
M - Milk
S - Soya
E - Egg
C - Celery
Mu - Mustard
F - Fish
Su - Sulphur Dioxide
Cr - Crustaceans

Chicken Nuggets - G M S E C
Chicken Steaks - G M S E C
Spicy Chicken Steaks -G M S Mu E C
Popcorn Chicken - G S Mu E
Chicken Strips - G M S E C
Fried Steak Pie - G M S
Homemade Steak Pie - G M S
Mince Pie - G S
White Pudding - G S
Black Pudding - G S
Haggis Pudding - G S
Jumbo Haggis - G S
Jumbo Sausage - G S
Spring Rolls - G M S E C
Cheese n Burger - G M
Hamburger - G S C Su
King Rib - G
Haddock - F
Fish Cakes - G M Mu F
Fish Fingers- G M Mu F
Chicken Pakora - G
Vegetable Pakora - G
Batter - G S
Coleslaw - M Mu E
Mozzarella Sticks - G M E
Mozzarella Cheese - G M E
Curry Sauce - G Mu
Pickled Onion - Su
Salad Dressing - Mu E
Garlic Mayo - Mu E
Brown Sauce - G
Burger sauce - Mu E
Burger Relish - Mu
Donner Kebab - G M Su
Pitta Bread - G
Quarter Burger - G S Su
Sliced Cheese - M
Penne Pasta - G E
Lasagne - G E
Macaroni - G E
Spaghetti Bolognese - G E
Carbonara - G E
Tuna - F
Anchovies - F
Meatballs - G
Scampi - G F Cr
Pepperoni - G